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Merry Xmas! [17 Dec 2009|11:49am]


This is my Xmas Postcard this year. Happy holidays!

Labyrinth in Winter
by ~laoan on deviantART
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Labyrinth fan art [10 Nov 2009|05:40pm]

Hi, every one!

I'm a newbie here. I have some Laby fan art to share with you.

by ~laoan on deviantART

I'd also love to show you my Laby-based OC comic. Please feel free to watch, comment and criticize. http://laoan.deviantart.com/gallery/#Nowhere

Nowhere pg10 by ~laoan on deviantART
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New Laby forum [20 Sep 2009|06:51pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi all,

I've just created a fan forum for the fab movie, Labyrinth. So, spread the word and help me populate the forum. I've also got an RPG section on there that I'd like to get started too.

Crystal Moon - A Labyrinth Fan Forum

I'm also looking for a logo graphic for the forum header, so if anyone would like to offer their services I'd be very grateful.

Helen :)

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Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio [01 Aug 2009|10:19pm]

Hey there. I'm the founder and reader for Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio. As far as I know Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio is THE only podcast to be found that features read-aloud versions of Labryinth fanfic. So come, check us out, leave us a comment.

Here at Labyrinth fanfiction audio it’s our passion to bring you the best fanfiction out there in audio form. As far say  This week’s episode features a great one-shot called Patience by Cyprith. In this one shot she examines how Jareth would deal with Sarah becoming engaged to someone else. It’s light, humorous, and very romantic.

Here is the link to the podcast, please leave us your feedback:
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Labyrinth Inspired art for sale [24 Aug 2008|03:50pm]

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Haha... [25 Jul 2008|06:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Labyrinth obsessed + costume + boredom + photoshop =

Haha, that's the resulting concoction.

I'm STILL irked that locating a good backdrop for a REAL photoshoot has proven to be nearly impossible!


FL is visually like THE most un-Labyrinth-like place EVER!

Some other, unofficial (and boring) pics of the costume can be found HERE.

I know some of you wanted to see better pics and I'll keep my eye out for better locations still, but until then... Enjoy.
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Everyone, Post your Jareth Costumes if you have 'em! [12 Jul 2008|02:15am]

[ mood | amused ]

I've been working on this costume for a while now... and thought I'd share with my fellow Jareth fans!

costume pic behind the cutCollapse )

I may add a few extensions to the wig, but this is the completed costume!
(A real photoshoot with a more appropriate background is coming soon!)

PS - Should I be sexually concerned about how dressing like Bowie is sort of turning me on?

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[19 Jun 2007|12:39am]

Does your dog have a myspace?

If you're answer is yes...then you should add...
Jareth's Doggie Contests!

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Petition This! [21 Apr 2007|10:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I just wanted to give everyone a head's up on a new community, called petition_this.

It's an online petition for Labyrinth fans who want to see some actually new Labyrinth-based merchandise out on the market again.

My co-mod aviarianna and I are hoping to send in the petition to the Jim Henson Company, in hopes of swaying them into action.

If anything, stop by and see what it's about! XD

X-posted everywhere!

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Hiya! [12 Apr 2007|03:49pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! Here's another fan of "Labyrinth" (and Bowie, how not xD)!! My name's Ariel, and Im kinda obsessed with this movie X ). Im 15 and Spanish, so I apologize now for my horrible English ._.. I love to make fan art Like this oneCollapse )
and once I even made cosplay of Sarah with the ballgown (but Im not very proud of the result xD I should try again).

So well, nice to meet you!

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[12 Feb 2007|02:36am]

My friend made some pretty labyrinth pix...have a look and he says u may take if u wish

A kind of Pale Jewel...Collapse )
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RETURN TO LABYRINTH [26 Jan 2007|12:11pm]


It's a new manga series that just came out recently! I got the first part at Chapters in December, it's REALLY good so far. To let you all in on it, I found this article about it on the web:

Large pic of front cover http://www.newsarama.com/tokyopop/Labyrinth/Laby_cvr.htm

Article: http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=79367

Does anyone wanna tell the artist that one of Jareth's eyes should be brown? XD
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labyrinth essay [12 Aug 2006|05:48pm]

Hello everyone

Being a) obsessed with the film Labyrinth, especially Jareth, and b) a graduate who misses writing essays, I have written pretty much a dissertation on the film, & thought some people here might be interested. It's at http://www.katiescarlett.co.uk/labyrinth.php

Let me know what you think (it's pretty massive so maybe just read the sections on Jareth and on Sexuality!)
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[18 Apr 2006|09:06pm]
Hey i just made a forum dedicated to david bowie please come and join http://thestardust.proboards106.com/index.cgi thanks xox
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[07 Jan 2006|03:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Here's a drawing I did last night of our loveable Jareth ^^


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[16 Dec 2005|04:48am]

The stalker posting was removed because I dont think we need to add to the issue.
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[12 Dec 2005|09:50pm]

This is the first colorbar ive ever made. Its of Jareth. i hope its ok.

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Question [03 Dec 2005|11:02pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have a question out to those who have seen not just Labyrinth, but other Jim Henson movies.

There is something that he made called The Storyteller. If its possible, I'd like to know if there are more than two tapes. I found two tapes called The Story teller: Greek Myths at my library. The reason I ask is because the trailer on the Labyrinth DVD has different footage all together from the two movies I took out.

Yes the ones i took from the library are by Jim Henson but the all footage, as I said before, that is shown in the trailer on the Labyrith DVD isn't shown in the two videos I took out.

If anyone could shed some info on this please let me know. Much appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all. ^^

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[22 Aug 2005|05:54am]

Its my Birthday so I want him today for in a box!
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