SR_Devaste (sr_devaste) wrote in do_me_jareth,

Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio

Hey there. I'm the founder and reader for Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio. As far as I know Labyrinth Fanfiction Audio is THE only podcast to be found that features read-aloud versions of Labryinth fanfic. So come, check us out, leave us a comment.

Here at Labyrinth fanfiction audio it’s our passion to bring you the best fanfiction out there in audio form. As far say  This week’s episode features a great one-shot called Patience by Cyprith. In this one shot she examines how Jareth would deal with Sarah becoming engaged to someone else. It’s light, humorous, and very romantic.

Here is the link to the podcast, please leave us your feedback:
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